The Kitchen Riots Festival

The Kitchen Riots

The Kitchen Riots is festival of dance, music, and theatre examining the full human body experience: body, mind and soul.  It began over a lively conversation around our kitchen table and found its Off-Broadway home, in its birth year, at the Abingdon Theatre, NYC.  Most would agree that the Kitchen is often at the heart of good conversations and valuable moments with loved ones.  It was this that we hoped to create and share, through the power of art and stage, in the creation of the Kitchen Riots Festival.

The first annual festival was a huge success bringing in over 300 people and sparking conversations that are still ongoing.  We could not, however, have done it without the support of our friends and donors and we would not have wanted to!  Thanks to them, we superseded our fundraising goal of $10,000 and reached over $14,000, thus turning our dream into a reality.  Feels good to be Cinderella and wearing such a snazzy pair of well-fitted shoes!


What did the Festival look like? 

Purple Threads took its passion for storytelling and created 3 separate nights of original works.  We produced 3 special Equity Showcases in 3 nights.  (Go Big or Go Home!)



Exploring, through Dance, the human body and the paradoxes that exist in life.

The human body, while being beautifully powerful, is also finite.  As humans, we experience this paradox on multiple levels. We experience love, and then it breaks our hearts. An aspiring dancer undergoes a trauma that limits her body’s physical capacity, but continues to dance despite the limitation. An older couple, having lost the physical beauty of youth, are more in love now than ever before. These are the bodies we live in and through.

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Featuring Dancers: Beccah Bogue, Julie Carter, Allison Crowl, Guzman, Marisa Hall, Abri Hellmuth, Renée Locher, Jovanni Plu Sayampol and Alison Beth Swenson

Choreography by: Renée Locher
Stage Manager & Lighting Design: Nicole Wolfe
Sound Design: Gilian Gandy



Exploring, through Music, the human spirit and our desire to worship.

Here's just a "taste" of what we cooked up!

Featuring: Paula Buresh, Sara Canter, Erica Jacob*, Brianne Mavis (Violin), Tamra Paselk*, Danika Robertson* (Djembe)

Music Written by: Erica Jacob
Stage Manager & Lighting Design: Nicole Wolfe
Sound Design: Gilian Gandy
Video: Jeremy Dan Perecky
Editing: Lew Christian-Fernandez


Exploring, through theatre, the human soul and its desire to be known.

For this night of the festival, Purple Threads developed an original one-act entitled Call me She. This work is now being work shopped into a full length production incorporating dance and soundscape in a visceral, 3 part narrative experience.  Readings of the works will be done this Fall and the full length version can be seen in the Spring of 2013.  Our goal is to explore the concept of Identity – it’s social, personal, and physical constructs. Call Me She was inspired by a New York Times article about a young, New York City school teacher who went missing. She was pulled from the Hudson River 3 weeks later, alive and with no recollection of where she had been during those 3 weeks.

Tech Week at Call Me She!

Call Me She 2012

She: Danielle M. Velkoff
Elephant: Clayton Jones
Woman: Alison Marie Bryant*
Captain: Aaron Scott*
Written by: Jen Brown & Danielle Velkoff
Music: Andy Fitzpatrick (Adapted from Wave over Wave by Jim Payne)
Lyrics: Jen Browne
Stage Manager & Lighting Design: Nicole Wolfe
Sound Design: Gilian Gandy
Danielle M. Velkoff, Executive Producer
Erica Jacob, Executive Producer
Tamra Paselk, Producer – Head of Development
Kaitlin Walker, Producer – Head of Marketing & PR
Courtney Smith, Producer – Head of Fundraising
Andrew Walker, Web Designer
Kristin Mulligan, Graphic Designer
Danika Robertson, Food & Event Coordinator



*The Actor appears through the courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.