Love Unmasked

Love Unmasked Purple Threads EnsembleIn February 2013, Purple Threads partnered with the Poets House to create a Masquerade featuring performances celebrating poetry in vivid and imaginative ways. This sight-specific, theatrical experience delivered a new twist on a holiday traditionally devoted to romantic love.

How does one go about creating a sight-specific theatrical experience? 


Set the Scene!


characters Love Unmasked.png

The Queen, The Villain, The Maiden, The Ingénue, The Hero and The Damsel


Ambiance Love Unmasked

Roses, Candles, Poetry & Famous Love Letters

MAKE IT TASTY (wine & chocolate) and MAKE IT FUN (arts & crafts)!

Fun and Food Love Unmasked

Then, bring the artists!!

Original Monologues and Poems written by Aaron Scott* and Rebecca Steele

Inspired music by Singer-Songwriters Sarah Aili*, Candice Handy, Joi Jones and Nick Leavelle

Presentations of some Tried and True Classics by Bliss Griffin*, Sara Canter and Danielle LaPonsie

Lastly, we premiered an original One Act (because original, comedic one-acts are awesome!)

And, we all had MANY a belly laugh whilst watching it.

In the clip below:  Having met the “love of their life” a mere 24 hours prior, the characters of Love Struck send a “text” message and experience a roller coaster ride of emotions while waiting for a reply…

Finally in a fit of delirium, they send off an impromptu text…

Video: Michael Belmonte / Editing: Lew Christiane-Fernandez

Man 1 – Jamie Roach, Woman 1 – Sara Canter, Man 2 – Aaron Scott, Woman 2 – Rebecca Steele, Cupid – Bliss Griffin, Siri – Danielle LaPonsie

As you can see, Love Unmasked was a wonderful time.  Ultimately, we learned that Love is indeed more than chocolate and roses but concluded that a little bit of chocolate goes a long way!


*The Actor appears through the courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.