Why are the creative arts ESSENTIAL?

Why are the creative arts ESSENTIAL?

We at Purple Threads ponder this question quite often.  After all, we are building an artist collective in New York City and raising funds for it under less than ideal economic circumstances.  If our answer to this question is unsure, the future of our company will be also.

We are, however, CRYSTAL CLEAR on this answer.  ART is essential because it holds a power that no other form does.   And, if this is true, then it stands to reason that ARTISTS are invaluable.  This is where Purple Threads comes in.  We love artists.

Being an artist in the modern world is not always what we dreamt it would be.  It is a cut throat world, disheartening even in some of its better moments.  Art is often seen as superfluous and we, the artists, are often treated as interchangeable – just another actor, soprano, dancer, etc.   Purple Threads, though, doesn’t believe any human being is *just another* anything.  We do not accept that for ourselves.  We do not accept that for our artists.  We do not accept that for our audience.

We believe it is IMPERATIVE that each human being live a wholehearted existence in which who that person is, uniquely, is celebrated and championed.  After all, we are all connected.  My wholehearted existence will inevitably affect your wholehearted existence and yours, mine.

BUT why would we build an artist collective when there are children with leukemia, bombings on domestic soil, families struggling to buy groceries and countless *tangible* ways in which we could make a difference?  Why would we choose to focus our time, energy and money on the arts?

Because we are artists.

Art is our tool and we must all play our part – doctors to hospitals, donors to non-profits, mothers to their children, ARTISTS to HUMANS.

Art can travel where Senators cannot.  Beauty can heal what doctors cannot.  Storytellers can give voice to otherwise voiceless victims.  Art is a mirror for humanity giving us glimpses of ourselves and when at its best, can even move us to be changed.

We hope that in the days ahead, you will choose to JOIN THE THREAD.  We are in this life together, snuggled up next to each other in vibrant colors and textures.  Our tapestry is not complete without you.

Art is so much more than important.  It is ESSENTIAL.  So are YOU.

In Love and the ARTS,

Tamra Paselk, Executive Producer

Stand in the Present. Savor the Moments.

Stand in the Present.  Savor the Moments.

“I have a friend who, whenever she sees a beautiful place, exclaims in a near panic, ‘It’s so beautiful here! I want to come back here someday!’ It takes all my persuasive powers to convince her that she is already here.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

This is something the team at Purple Threads thinks about all the time both in our own lives and in the work we do.  In fact, every actor must learn how to access a moment – how to be truly present and available to what is happening HERE in this moment on the stage.  It’s so easy to live in the past or to feel anxious about the future but our lives are made up of all the moments, little and big, that happen in our present.  Those moments become the beauty we’ve experienced in our past.  They also provide the groundwork for the beautiful thing that becomes our future.

Let’s look for the “here” in our lives today. There are so many beautiful moments begging to be savored by us.

We would LOVE to hear about some of your savored moments. Share with us if you’d like!!