Erica Jacob Goes “All Hoodooloodoo”

What’s inspiring Erica Jacob, Music Director for TKR?

Fiona Apple?  Classical music?  October 5th at The Kitchen Riots is going to be quite the interesting workshop of original songs!  Also, what is Hoodoolooodoo?

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Meet Chef Renee Locher, Serving Up Dance

Meet Chef Renee Locher, Serving Up Dance

Purple Threads is excited to introduce you to Renee Locher, our 1st Chef for the Kitchen Riots Festival. Renee is an incredibly talented dancer and an inspiring choreographer.  Her work will make you laugh, cry, giggle, and sigh.  This week we’ll hear from Renee and introduce you to the dancers.  We’ll also be treating you to sneak peaks of the work, funny rehearsal moments and fun facts you’ll love to know and tell.  Many of us won’t ever be GREAT dancers but The Kitchen Riots team is determined to help us all live vicariously through those who are!  Renee Locher, Dance Chef Extraordinaire!!  Glad to have you on board.