City: WHY, State: TKR

City: WHY, State: TKR

As one of the producers, I have been working around the clock (with my colleagues) on the
production side of The Kitchen Riots!  We have been immersed in spreadsheets, numbers, calendars, websites, venues, etc.  Truth be told, it’s easy to get lost in that process and forget WHY it is that we are all working so hard.  In order to clear things up, I decided to take a trip back to my hometown City: WHY located in State: The Kitchen Riots.

First I visited a dance rehearsal with TKR’s choreographer, Renee Locher, and was rendered speechless by the beauty of what is being created.  (Anyone who knows me knows that “speechless” is a rarity!)  To see the power of their stories combined with the level of talent was awe inspiring.  Then, to see the dancers feeling so engaged and happy with the process gave me a great sense of pride in what Purple Threads is creating for its artists.

My second stop in WHY this morning was with Erica Jacob, Music Director at TKR.  She sent me several sound tracks and music charts so I opened them up to take a listen.  As the first sounds reached my ears, I felt my heart open up.  For several minutes, my soul was literally soaring above the daily grind.  And the lyrics.  AH!  The lyrics!!  I was filled with a renewed sense of confidence that what we’re creating is unique.  Not only that, it’s important!  PLUS, it’s rockin’!

My third and final stop in WHY this morning was a visit with Danielle Velkoff, Artistic Director of Purple Threads.  She read me a few excerpts from the script she is writing.  Chills came over me. It was mesmerizing.  Line after line floated came out of her mouth and my whole body was subsequently transported into this impactful story.  And, this was just a draft!

My trip back to WHY reminded me that I am doing this because I BELIEVE in it heart, soul and mind.

YOU – friend, supporter, audience and artist – you are our WHY.

Tune in next week for a sneak peak of The Kitchen Riots’ opening night.


Purple Threads’ Top 3 NYC Venue Picks

Purple Threads’ Top 3 NYC Venue Picks

Later today, Purple Threads will be introducing the venue for The Kitchen Riots! Now that you are all waiting (excitedly, obviously), we thought, for the fun of it, we’d list a few of our favorite (less pricey) NYC venues for you.  “What makes a stage?” these beg us to consider.

1. NYC Subway Stations
The Underground has become a hotspot for performers of all kinds to make themselves known.  Did you know that one must actually audition to perform in the NYC Subway Station?  And the competition is fierce!  We at Purple Threads have seen some of the most talented individuals out there, right downstairs at 42nd and Broadway.  For us, Subway Stations come in 1st on the list for creative opportunities to change the environment.  Think about it.  Take what would typically be a rushed, stressful moment – thousands of people trying to get places – and transform it into a moment of humor, beauty, relief or contemplation.  You go, Subway Performers!

2. Central Park! 
Why not?  Listen, if you’re ever in New York and feeling bored (HA!), take a stroll through Central Park.  Music – what’s your flavor?  Jazz, Classical, Rock?  Keep walking.  You’ll find it.  Dance?  Salsa, Hip Hop, Bhangra?  Keep walking. Orchestras?  Yes. Opera? Start jogging – it’s a little further into the park.  Jugglers, Jokers, Singers, Painters, Shakespeare ….  Coming in #2 on the list: Central Park. We love the extraordinary moments that exist there every average day.

3.  The Corner
There’s this construction worker who works on 2nd Avenue (You know, the subway line being built there – STILL and probably for the rest of our lives!).  He uses his lunch break every day to sing Frank Sinatra songs on the corner of 2nd and 67th and he’s really good!  He does it because it makes him feel alive and he hopes it’ll bring a smile to a few faces along the way.  Well, that it does.  We’re definitely smiling.  “The Corner” ranks #3 on the venue charts.

Martha Graham quotes, “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it.”   Purple Threads agrees wholeheartedly and celebrates the unique things that makes us all TOTALLY AWESOME.  Stay in touch!! We’d love to know more about what makes your expression unique.

Purple Threads is Cookin’ Up a Storm

Purple Threads is Cookin’ Up a Storm

Having successfully raised the funds (YIPPEE-O-AY-YAY!!), Purple Threads is moving forward with its first annual production of The Kitchen Riots – a 3 night festival of dance, music and theatre!! We could not be where we are without all of you.  So, Thank You!!!  “What’s Next?” you ask. Such a great question!  Well, you should definitely SAVE THESE DATES: October 4th, 5th and 6th to attend the festival. Secondly, Stay Tuned!  Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing our venue, telling you where you can buy tix, introducing you to our “chefs” and looping you into many more aspects of the creative process. We might even tell a joke or two along the way.  So come on in, invite a few friends and make yourself at home.  Purple Threads loves having good company around!